About Kim

In the fast-paced realm of B2B SaaS, software, and high-tech industries, Kim has distinguished herself not just as a marketing leader, but as a visionary who has continually redefined the boundaries of what’s possible.


Her career is a rich collage of innovation, strategic foresight, and transformative leadership, illustrating a professional who’s consistently a step ahead in the digital revolution.
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From Media to Financial Services to B2B SaaS and Education

Keeping Media Companies Competitive

Kim’s journey in the marketing tech world started in the 90s with a major media company, where she led a company-wide digital content strategy, significantly impacting how smaller publications embraced the digital era. At a major newspaper, her role was pivotal in transitioning the newspaper into the digital domain. She introduced dynamic web content management systems, effectively catapulting the company into a local leader in digital news.

Driving Adoption of Innovative Offerings that Yielded Big Rewards!

At a leading financial services firm Kim’s prowess in market research, business planning, product development, and marketing came to the fore. She was instrumental in developing innovative internet community concepts (generating $50M in first 3 yrs) and an intranet application that dramatically enhanced the company’s efficiency and cost-saving measures (saving the company $7bn over the next 7 years).

b2b SAAS:  Sales Acceleration to Marketing automation

As the CEO of Einsof, Kim’s role was transformative. Pioneering sales acceleration and automation, the hosted or on-premise app was ahead of its time.  Her approach went beyond just selling a product; she was enabling the business to easily leverage technology – early customers felt the power — and LOTS of learning about being early to market!


With Genoo, Kim ventured into the SaaS sector, empowering SMBs with advanced marketing tools and automation. Her establishment of WPMktgEngine further solidified her status in the SaaS industry, making sophisticated marketing automation accessible to a broader audience via WordPress integration.

Marketing for Blockchain

At a Blockchain Development company, Kim navigated the emerging world of blockchain, showcasing her adaptability and forward-thinking mindset. She implemented a comprehensive marketing foundation and strategy that quickly gained the company thought-leadership status at the forefront of blockchain technology, and inbound sales-qualified leads.

Catapulting Results For Continuing Ed

Through listening and comprehensive testing, Kim developed a best practices framework for the Continuing Education organizations within colleges and universites across the US and Canada.  Enabling these orgs to dramatically increase their enrollments into courses and contributing more profit to their bottom line.

A Trailblazer in Marketing

Kim’s career path is more than a series of roles; it’s a chronicle of constant growth, anticipation of market trends, and leadership in an ever-changing digital landscape. In B2B SaaS, software, and high-tech sectors, she is not just a chief marketing officer but a catalyst who ignites innovation, inspires growth, and paves the way for future developments.


Kim’s story is an inspiration, showcasing how strategic insight, adaptability, and a forward-thinking approach can not only keep pace with the digital revolution but also drive it forward. Her journey reflects a commitment to excellence and a keen understanding of the intricate dance between technology and market needs, making her a pivotal figure in shaping the future of marketing in the tech world.
Some of her results include:
– 22% Year-over-year growth over an 8 year period for a specialized Physical Therapy solution.
– Turning a $1.6M budget into $50M revenue over a 3-year period for a financial services offering.
– Increasing inbound lead flow by 1200%, with 50% Sales Accepted Leads (SAL) with Opportunities.
– Achieving a #1 Keyword ranking in Google SERPs after just 30 days.

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